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Big city full day excursions

Organized excursions to big cities and important places. The possibility of realizing each, depends of certains courses and destinations.


London excursion

One of the most visited cities in the world; London is an essential part of anyone’s bucket list. This is a memorable city with modern culture with huge historic significance.

You can visit the stunning sights of the historical British buildings and architecture along with some of England’s most unique and picturesque gardens. Take time to see the fascinating royal and governmental buildings such as Buckingham Palace, House of Parliament, Big Ben and the Tower of London.

London offers an incredible selection of museums and galleries, which in most cases the entrance fee is free of charge. These museums can satisfy any area of interest from the British Museum that features the amazing history of Britain to the Science Museum that showcases the most imaginative and interesting inventions.

It goes without saying that London is a city that never stops and there is always something to do for all walks of life. With a host of wonderful festivals and events, London has a wide range of possibilities all year round. And if the attractions and festivals don’t arouse your interest, why not take advantage of the country’s best shopping areas that offer some of the most unique markets to the top high street brands.

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