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Big city full day excursions

Organized excursions to big cities and important places. The possibility of realizing each, depends of certains courses and destinations.



A beautiful city known for its historical setting and intrigueing architectural, this is a great place to visit to take in some of Englands finest history.

It is famous for the fact that it has the most complete city walls in britain which is a massive piece of history as a Roman fortress.

The walks around the city are truely fascinating as you can take in ancient and modern buildings alike while you can have the opportunity to walk along their well preserved walls. If it is cultural attractions you want to visit, it is home of the outstanding Chester Cathedral along with numerous museums, rivers, lakes and other stunning buildings. If you need to do your shopping, Chester also offers a prime outlet called Chesire Oaks along with large shopping centres such as The Rows which are well worth a look for the designer labels.