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The town

Kells is located in the county of Meath, just 65 km from Dublin, a small, quiet and beautiful town. The town has an ample collection of sculptures and imposing buildings built by the first Christians settlers in the area. The most outstanding buildings in the town are the St. Columba from the 10th Century, the High Crosses, the Monastery of Kells and the Round Tower which is 90 m high. The most famous work of Kells is found in Dublin, conserved under maximum security, it is known as the Book of Kells, a manuscript from VIII Century painted by the monks of St. Columba and is considered to be one of the most exquisite books ever made. The town of Kells offers a wide variety of facilities and activities.

The school

Headfort School is located in a Georgian building which dates back to the early 1770’s, and was built by the architect George Semple. The school has a many large classrooms; a computer room and is set within a beautiful landscape, they have pitches for football, rugby, hockey and cricket. They also have tennis courts, uncovered swimming pools and beautiful gardens surrounding the school. It’s located outside the city, just 25/30 minutes walk from the centre.

The accommodation

At Headfort School the students will have full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The students will reside in shared rooms with 6 to 12 beds and shared bathrooms.

Activities and half day excursions


Drogheda is an industrial and port town in County Louth, just North of Dublin. This was a town build up by the Normans that resides on the Boyne river as it enters the Irish sea. This is a town full of history while maintaining a modern ambience with plenty to do.



Kells is one of the main attributors to Ireland’s reputation as the land of the Saints and Scholars. This is a fascinating land of heritage and affluence of history. This was the home of Ireland’s previous Book of Kells for over 800 years. It is an old monastic town that still maintains a lot of its beautiful historic buildings.



Longford is a beautiful county in the midlands of Ireland. Longford is seen of a place of magic, myth and legends, while home of the great tale of the Wooing of Etain. Longford is a great place to visit as it is situated near many rivers and later that make for tranquil and picturesque views of the county.



Dating back from 3200BC, Newgrange is one of Ireland’s most famous passage tombs. It is known for its beautiful stone carvings at the front and within the tomb. It is also home to the Winter Solstice as the shortest day of the year displays a unique light through roof box above the passage which marks the sign of nature’s rebirth.


Lough Lene

A lake located in County Westmeath boasts prehistoric burial sites, old ruins along with ringforts and stiles. Not only it is a stunning place to visit, it offers a great place to swim and relax on the shores with picnic areas, changing rooms and lifeguards are in attendance.


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Meath: Headfort School

Age: 13 to 16 years
Accommodation: Residential
Duration: Minimum 7 nights

Headfort School
Headfort School, Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland

Indoor facilities

  • 8 Classrooms
  • Common/Games Room
  • Small Theatre (complete with lighting & sound system)
  • Covered Barn for playing 7 aside Soccer, basketball and cricket

Outdoor facilities

  • Large Sports Field for playing Rugby, Football & Hockey
  • 2 Tennis Courts
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cricket Pitch

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