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The town

The town of Ramsgate, with a population of 40,000 inhabitants, is a coastal town in the district of Thanet to the East of Kent, 125 km from London and 30 km from Canterbury. The main industry is tourism, and fishing, it boasts a southern coastal line of golden sand stretching 30 km. This spa town has many Victorian buildings, of which Townley House dating from XVIII is the most renowned. Today Ramsgate is a vibrant city with an urban centre which has lots of boutiques.

The school

On this course the English classes take place on the grounds of St Lawrence College, a boarding school founded in 1879, which is within a Victorian building in the centre of the city, the building is surrounded by 19 hectares of gardens, football pitches, tennis, basketball courts and swimming pools. The English classes are imparted in spacious classrooms with large Victorian windows.

The accommodation

Students are treated as another member of the family. Sharing accommodation with the families forces the students to communicate and improve their English and their conversation practice. In Student Travel Camps the same family accommodates up to two students of different nationalities and they are responsible for ensuring that they speak English throughout.

Activities and half day excursions


With beautiful beach fronts and surrounding countryside, Canterbury is a picturesque place to visit. It is also steeped in heritage and history as it has the most stunning buildings and architecture, as you can see from the exquisite Canterbury Cathedral.



Margate is a very highly cultured and artistic coastal town that boasts a modern charm with its famous art galleries and stunning landscapes. Not to mention the beach, it is a popular holiday destination amongst the British and visitors from outside of the isles.


Broadstairs Coastal Walking Tour

You can traverse along the coast in Ramsgate that will provide stunning views and the enjoyment of the different cultural stops along your travels. Walk the beach, skip across the stones and soak in the ambience, this is a great way to take in what Ramsgate and surrounding areas have to offer.


Sandwich & Pegwell Bay

Sanwich and Pegwell is one of the United Kingdoms’s largest nature reserves. The habitat is made up of caves, marshes and cliffs that serve as a perfect habitat for birds in a safe environment. It serves as a lovely place to see the sights along with an important sanctuary for birds to stay.


Ramsgate Tunnels

These Tunnels hold a lot of historical significance in the town of Ramsgate as they assisted in their survival during the World Wars. Now is renovated and open to the public by volunteers hoping to keep the legacy going. This is a great piece of history and very interesting to travel through in the hard hats.



Age: 13 to 17 years
Accommodation: Family
Duration: Minimum 7 nights

Ramsgate, Kent, United Kingdom

Afternoon activities

The English classes take place in the mornings, and in the afternoons they follow a programme of sporting and cultural activities, such as:

  • Team sports:
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Dance classes
  • Acting classes
  • Cinema and cultural trips
  • On Saturday's there are full day excursions to London, Oxford or Brighton
  • They also organize an activity in the evening during their stay.

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Full day excursions

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  • Lydd (54 miles - 1h 19mins)
    * Quick flights from France
  • London City (75 miles 1h 32mins)
  • London - Gatwich (82 miles - 1h 28mins)
  • London - Stansted (96 miles - 1h 40mins)
  • London - Heathrow (103 miles - 1h 47mins)
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