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The english classes

The English Courses are taught from Monday to Friday, 3 hours a day. The timetable of the classes can be morning or afternoon, depending on the school; the classes are imparted to groups of maximum 20 students.

All teachers are experienced English Teachers or qualified with TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), ensuring that the classes are entertaining and fun with the goal that the pupils spoken English progresses with confidence, quickly and efficiently. The teaching method that the teachers follow in our classes is specific and exclusive to Student Travel Camps, formulated by our team of qualified English Teachers.

This programme focuses on the four elements of learning English, with particular emphasis on conversation practice. The students have to complete an exam to establish their English level, ensuring that from the first day they are in the correct group and can start learning and improving their English. Upon completion of the course the students will receive a certificate of attendance.

The english lessons of our courses